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Taming the Tongue

Sometimes you just have to shut up and get up. No one ever said this Christian walk would be easy. There are times when you want to speak your mind and tell someone like it is, but Jesus swagger is about handling situations as He would. The mouth can be your greatest tool or your greatest failure. Your tongue is more powerful than any other weapon you could equip yourself with. You’d better be careful what you speak.

There is no greater example of a powerful tongue than Jesus Christ. Not once during the entire suffering of His crucifixion did He speak a harmful word to anyone. He was spit on, beaten, mocked, and nailed to a Cross, yet He endured it all silently. He said it all by saying nothing at all.

People around you will test you. They want to see if your faith is real. They’ll try to make you violate your faith, just to prove you wrong, and it’s easy to give in.

The Christian who screams words of anger at the guy who just did him wrong. The Christian who swears at the guy who cuts him off on the highway. The Christian who can’t resist insulting the guy who just insulted him.

These are times when the Great Commission fails. One misspoken word can kill your witness.

There will always be that guy. There will always be that guy who mistreats you, cuts you off, angers you, mocks you. Stop taking it personally and start taking it faithfully. Control your tongue and preserve your witness. Remain in the forgiving love of Jesus. If you mess up, make it right.

Sometimes suffering is the way of the Savior.

Posted by Matthew Elton on November 22, 2013 at 12:25 AM 754 Views

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